Responsive Mobile Friendly Website Design

As we enter an era of mobile internet our websites are built to display well on devices of all shapes and sizes. The ‘responsive’ designs adapt to the screen they’re being viewed on, so no need for a separate mobile friendly site.

Have a look at some of our sites below and contact us to find out how we can create or enhance your online presence.

Some OaD websites

E-commerce and events

Allow your customers to purchase products, book courses and buy tickets for your events with an OaD website. Full e-commerce, event booking, course calendars and more available – just let us know your requirements.

Bilingual and multi language websites

The global nature of the internet or the cultural diversity of your audience may mean you need your website in more than one language. OaD can build your site so that your viewers can switch seamlessly between languages – every facet of a site can have a translation added including meta tags, image tags (the bits that search engines see) and shopping carts systems. 

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